Create a bootable USB using CMD

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Windows Related

Create a bootable USB using CMD under Windows 7

  1. On “Windows 7” Click Start then type in “CMD” then hit Enter.
  2. type “list disk” (This will show you all the storage device attached to your computer, so look for USB drive and you can determined it by its size.)
  3. type “select disk 1” (Remember this disk 1 is your USB drive based on the output of Disk ###)
  4. type “clean all
  5. type “create partition primary
  6. type “select partition 1″
  7. type “Active
  8. type “format fs=ntfs label=”WhateverOS” quick” or “format fs=fat32 label=”WhateverOS” quick” (should work either partition format)
  9. type “assign
  10. type “exit” (This will exit you from Diskpart)

When your done with the steps above you can either go to your “My Computer” then browse your CD/DVD drive then Copy all the contents and then paste it to your USB drive.

Another method if you are still in CMD, you can type in this commands.

Will assume your CD/DVD drive is Drive E: and Your USB drive F:

xcopy e:\*.* /s/e/f f:\

For Detailed tutorial please visit this link:


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